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DIY Network’s ‘Sight Unseen’ to Feature Rock Star Renovations

The six-episode series will premiere this July

We have a few more details on a story we brought you last summer. When we last saw them, Wes Borland (from Limp Bizkit) and fiancée Carré Callaway (of Queen Kwong) had bought an enormous Arden Park mansion to renovate. The seven-bedroom mansion was purchased by them after only seeing pictures of the property.

DIY Network's Sight Unseen will air six shows documenting their renovation of this beautiful home. Borland says, "Carpentry has always been a hobby and a passion of mine. I used to make skateboard ramps as a kid. I felt adventurous reviving this house and, admittedly, I probably took every chance I could to kick in some walls."

The DIY Network says that in the premiere episode, Wes and Carré walk through their new house for the first time. The couple loves the staircase in the foyer and and the spaciousness of the basement, but also discover water damage throughout the house. The couple begins with the renovation in the master suite where they convert an adjoining bedroom into a 1920s-style dressing room.

"Wes and I read obsessively about Detroit’s resurgence and the opportunity to be part of a city’s revival really resonated with us," said Carré. "Once I saw photos of this house, I knew it was going to be our home. It all fell into place after that."

By the looks of their Instagram accounts, they're enjoying their new life in Detroit.

Just bought a Bob and Doug photo at the Red Wings game. Why was this here? #blessed

A photo posted by Wes Borland (@thewesborland) on

Sight Unseen premieres this July.

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