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Justin Verlander's Wins for Warriors Moves Offices to Chrysler House

The foundation will move into the 8th floor of the historic skyscraper

The Wins for Warriors Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, announced today the charity has relocated its headquarters to Chrysler House (owned by Bedrock Real Estate) at 719 Griswold Street in downtown Detroit. The group’s new offices are located on the eighth floor of the historic skyscraper, which also houses Dime Store, Drought, and Bon Bon Bon.

Known as the Dime Building for 100 years, the Chrysler House was renamed in 2012 after the car company moved some of their offices into the building.

Founded in 2013, Wins for Warriors supports veterans and their families through several programs. Their mission is to advocate for and invest in resources that enable veterans and their families to lead resilient lives.

"Locating my foundation’s offices in the heart of downtown Detroit reinforces my commitment to the city of Detroit and all the great things that are happening in the city," said Justin Verlander.

To date, the Foundation has funded numerous veteran programs supporting the mental health and emotional well-being of veterans and their families.

*Also, unrelated but related, JV is having a great spring for the Tigers.

The Dime Building

719 Griswold Street, Detroit, Michigan 48226