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Batman v Superman Opens; Here are the Detroit Scenes to Spot

Filmed in the summer of 2014, we finally get to see Detroit as Metropolis

Michelle & Chris Gerard

The highly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens this weekend, and we're mostly excited to see how much of Detroit makes it onto the big screen. They seemed to be filming forever during the summer of 2014, so we'll be watching for our beloved Detroit landmarks. And you know, superheroes and 'splosions. Here are a few places to look for based on the filming, trailer, and some intel from the Detroit News.

1. Downtown (and Corktown). Ben Affleck and the crew used our downtown streets for car chases, crowd scenes, and crumbling buildings galore.

2. Michigan Central Station. We can see this clearly in the trailer as the location for one of the movie's big fight scenes.

Michelle & Chris Gerard

3. Russell Industrial Center. This serves as the backdrop for prominent chase scenes with the Batmobile in the film.

4. Ransom Gillis House. Before Nicole Curtis restored this historic home, crews camped out here for a while. Is it Wayne Manor?

5. Vernor Highway. The Detroit News says to look out for a chase scene at an underpass near Michigan Central Station.

Here are some pics we took a couple years ago during the filming.

[Gallery pictures by Michelle & Chris Gerard]