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Palmer Woods Palace Drops Price to $700K

Enormous house, still needs work

When we last visited this 9,000-square-foot mansion/palace/estate in October, it had listed for $785,000. It's recently dropped its price to $699,900, but we still think it might sit there for a while.

This house is a bit of a head scratcher. Built in 1948, its 9,000 square feet for the most part look like they haven't been updated in quite a while. It also has that weird indoor pool (the listing calls it "resort-like") and wet bar. It has six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and all of the room you'd need because it's 9,000 square feet. It looks like they've taken some new pictures this time around and staged some rooms differently, giving it less of an old look and more of a family look. Will it garner more interest at this price?