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Boston Cooler, Former Ice House, Lists for $125K

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Looking for a rehab project?

If you remember way back to the frigid winter we had last year, you might remember the spectacle of the ice house in Boston Edison. Burst pipes led to a cascading waterfall of ice from a 1922 Tudor. If you're looking for a new rehab project, the house is now up for sale and asking for $125K.

The listing can't decide on how many bedrooms this has - anywhere from five to eight, plus two full and two half baths. It also can't decide on the size - could be 5,000 square feet, could be 3,487.

The clever listing only features one picture, from the side. MLive has pictures from inside the house taken yesterday, if you're interested. Yes, there's plenty of character. And don't worry, the listing tells us there's new plumbing.

(If you choose to rehab this house, let us know! We'd love to follow your progress!)