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Gilbert Employees Moving to Detroit: Here's Where to Live

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He suggests 2,000 more would live here if they could find a place. We have some ideas.

New Center is a nice neighborhood
Michelle & Chris Gerard

In a speech at Wayne State University last night, the Detroit News reports that Dan Gilbert said that 3,100 of his employees call Detroit home.

"If they could find a place to live in the city, "there would probably be another 2,000 ...," Gilbert said."

Gilbert said that only 77 lived here when they moved Quicken Loans into the city in 2010.

While Bedrock keeps adding more living spaces downtown, we'd like to offer our own suggestions. We know not everyone has the time or money for a big historic home in some of the neighborhoods, but there are other neighborhoods that are safe and a great alternative to downtown. (We understand the car insurance situation. Trust me, we understand). There's plenty of affordable housing and apartments in the University District, Grandmont Rosedale, New Center (the QLINE will go all the way out here), the Riverfront (bike to work!), Woodbridge, Midtown (everyone loves Midtown!), Corktown (we'll admit, it's hard to find a place here, but so close to downtown), and the West Village. Really, there are apartments available!

Still unsure? We have a neighborhood quiz to find out where you should live!