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Price Drop! Virginia Park Fixer Upper Lowers Price by $80K

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Still might not be low enough

When we featured this house a couple months ago, our readers had a good laugh at the $199, 900 asking price. Although it's on a nice block with many other gorgeous old houses, the amount of work needed to go into this one is a lot for $200K. The owner has now dropped the price by $80K and is asking $119,900.

The jump in pricing is all over the place with this house. From $10,943 less than a year ago, up to $61,000 in December, then the big jump to $199,900, and now back down, it certainly has us wondering what's going on over there. But like many others, it does have a lot of potential and there's a lot happening in New Center right now. And to refresh your memory, this 2,400-square-foot house has five bedrooms, four baths, a finished third floor, and a lot of renovation projects.