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Your Chance to Own Hamtramck Disneyland

Hamtramck public art destination lists for $60K

Hamtramck Disneyland, a public art landmark created by Ukranian immigrant Dmytro Szylak, can be yours for $60,000. And you could get the house next to it, too.

As listed on Redfin, the listing is for two "family properties to be sold together to settle estate. Historic significance due to building and art at the rear of property." Metro Times reports that a source says the buyer should be ready to buy both houses at $120,000.

After Szylak retired in the early 1990s, he started creating this whimsical folk-art world on his garage. Visitors started dropping by and the world became bigger. Kate Moss even did a photo shoot here with Bruce Weber in 2006. Szylak died last year at 92.

The listing says the property has 1,900 square feet and five bedrooms. It's also listed as a fixer-upper. Wouldn't this be great for an artist to take over this public art space?