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Sherwood Forest Home Needs So Much Work, Lists for $280K

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Will someone please rip the carpet out of this house?

Update: This house is now listed for $280,000.

You can see the potential here, but wow, this one will be an undertaking.

Gorgeous on the outside, this 3,200-square-foot home, built in 1925, seems to be stuck in the 70s on the inside. We'll never know why someone chose to put that much carpet in this house, but it will be satisfying for the new owner to rip all of it out. It does have some charming features, like multiple fireplaces, built-in storage, a sun porch, and an attached garage. The kitchen needs to be gutted completely. You could call the bathrooms retro. But that carpet...

It has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a partially finished basement, and it's listed for $350,000.