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Bagley 5 Condominium Renderings Submitted to Historic Commission

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A modern look in a historic neighborhood has residents concerned.

Some Corktown residents received flyers in their mailboxes this weekend with details of a very modern condo project proposed for their historic neighborhood.

Located on the garden lot of Bagley between Brooklyn and Eighth, the Bagley 5 Condominiums would be new construction of five condos, approximately 3,000 square feet per unit, with a two-car garage in the back.

Our sources say that while they're happy that there's a new development, the modern look is completely out of place in the historic Corktown neighborhood.

Christian Hurttienne Architects designed the units. From the flyer:

"The building structure is proposed to be constructed of burnished concrete block; metal components of windows, a large glass curtain wall, operable awning windows, and railings with mesh; wood components of siding and custom doors. The style of the building is modern with strong block-like massing, large expanses of glass, and delineated horizontal elements of design."

Brian Hurttienne, who lives in the neighborhood, sent the letter to residents this past weekend. He said to Curbed, "I know it is different from historic Corktown, but the neighborhood is unique in its varied building stock of historic small shotgun houses, Victorian houses, mix of small scale commercial buildings and large warehouse structures (now lofts), all within two blocks of the development. Because of this varied building typology, the difference of the proposed condominium project is within context, and is just another variation of a building."

Another resident sent a letter to the Detroit Historic Commission stating,

"As a home-owner and resident in the 1300 block of Bagley for almost 18 years, I would like to express my full support for the proposed development at 1338 Bagley known as the Bagley 5 Condominiums. Having reviewed the design for this project, I find it to be a thoughtful and welcome departure from the type of architecture that has gained approval from the historic commission in the past and, in my opinion, has burdened the neighborhood with suburban-looking eyesores ever since.
Just as it is important for a neighborhood to support diversity among its population, it is important for a neighborhood to support diversity among its architectural styles. It is especially essential in an urban neighborhood like Corktown to promote these types of developments. A contrast to the older homes in the neighborhood, mine included, speaks to the forward-thinking mentality of the area and adds a vibrancy that can not be achieved by merely mimicking an older architectural style."

There is a public hearing of the Detroit Historic District Commission this Wednesday, April 13th at 5:30PM at the Coleman A Young Municipal Center. Any residents who want to comment on the proposed development can email their comments to by 1:00PM on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 in order for the Commission to consider them. Should be a fun meeting, y'all!