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Renovation Roundup: 4 Detroit Properties With Big Potential

They just need a little (a lot) of love!

Detroit is a renovator's paradise, so we're rounding up a few properties we've seen in the past few weeks that need some love. OK, they need a lot of work. But we want to see them back to what they could be. They might not be the prettiest pictures, but if you have the vision, they could be great before pics.

The first is a lovely cape cod right by Henry Ford Hospital. It's 1,000 square feet with three bedrooms, one and a half baths, and has a sweet porch. It's listed for $63,000.

And if you head up to Boston Edison, you'll still find this big old house that had an ice waterfall last winter, and is now listed for $98,500. It's 3,400ish square feet with five bedrooms and, obviously, some water (ice) damage.

In Southwest Detroit, you can own this castle with four apartments in it (available Summer 2014?). These four units will take quite a bit of work, but that exterior is pretty great.

Right down the street and still available is this Victorian beauty. Another rental property, this house has four apartments and isn't in as bad of shape as the rest of these houses, but still has plenty of projects for the new buyer.

Have you seen a house we should feature? Send it to our tipline!