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Update: Bagley 5 Condominiums Move Forward Through Historic Commission

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Old man hates roof decks, and other highlights from the meeting

The Detroit Historic District Commission meeting last night was full of lots of ideas about the new proposed Bagley 5 Condos we featured earlier this week. Many residents voiced their concern over the height, proportion, building materials, and color of the structures compared to the properties on the rest of the street. Others at the meeting weren't thrilled with the glass in the front of the condos or the roof decks looming over the neighborhood.

And while the modern look of the buildings were of concern, many people commented on the variety of buildings around Corktown.

But the Commission voted for the project to move forward, with the caveat that they try to keep the color and materials of the condos with the standards of the neighborhood (they're not fans of cement grey).

Blake Almstead, President of the Corktown Historical Society, said about the project, "The Corktown Historical Society is thrilled to see the empty lots activated with homes for families and not just apartments. We're passionate about our historic district and to preserve the diverse rhythm of architecture and styles. We are happy to provide our opinions and insight with projects of this nature to collaborate and help grow our city with respect not only for it's history but it's residents as well. I'm happy to hear how passionate our neighbors were at the commission meeting and that we hope our voice is heard for this project and future projects in Corktown."

Brian Hurttienne, of Christian Hurttienne Architects, says they'll start with the zoning and cost analysis, with hopes to break ground in the summer or early fall.