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Check Out the New Dequindre Cut Extension

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The new extension follows along Eastern Market to Mack Avenue

Dequindre Cut Extension Michelle & Chris Gerard

We finally got a summer-like weekend in Detroit, and even though the new Dequindre Cut Extension doesn't officially open until later in the month, many were out enjoying the new path. It now goes all the way to Mack Avenue, with a path along Wilkins Street and the Greening of Detroit's Market Garden to get into Eastern Market. There's even a lovely seating area open to the public.

The official celebration to open the extension and all of the Link Detroit connections is April 29-30. There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday the 29th at 2pm, followed by a community celebration from 11-3 on Saturday the 30th. Here are a few places to see as you make your way down the new path.