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Sit On It Detroit Opens Midtown Showroom

The space at 71 Garfield shows off their woodwork and local art

Michelle & Chris Gerard

You've likely seen their benches at bus stops all over the city. Now Sit On It Detroit has a space at 71 Garfield to display their benches, woodwork, and local art.

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Co-founders Kyle Bartell and Charles Molnar started Sit On It Detroit when they saw a need in the community not only for a place for people to sit at bus stops, but more access to books. Benches include a library underneath so bus riders can enjoy a book while they wait. They've been Detroit SOUP winners for their innovated community work.

They work out of a warehouse but needed a place to show off a few pieces and meet with clients. They create most of their work out of reclaimed wood that they find, unless they're doing a custom piece. They feature records and t-shirts from the 528 Crate, and display artwork from local artists, including Sara & Bruce Masak, who do the stained glass, and Miles Vankeersbilck, whose paintings are shown here.

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Community members can adopt a bench for $350 for their park or neighborhood. For that donation, they'll receive a mini replica bench they can display in their home.

It's a small space, but works for meetings and to browse the wares. They even rented the space to a guy who asked to use it for a date! They hope to add more art and goods in the near future. Here's a look around.