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The Most Expensive Beachfront Property in Michigan Lists for $40M

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The Saugatuck property has a three bedroom house, guest house, and over 300 acres

If the weather has tricked you into thinking summer is near and you're dreaming of the perfect spot to watch the sunset, we've found it. Located in Saugatuck, one of the best beach towns in the Midwest, is a massive property bordered by the Saugatuck Dunes State Park. The house, guest house, and all the acreage is listed for $40,000,000.

The house itself is 5,580 square feet. It has a definite nautical theme, with railings lining the upstairs overlooking the first floor; big light wood beams crossing the ceiling; round porthole windows scattered throughout the house; and massive rounded windows in all the main rooms, giving the house views on all sides. You could say, "I'm on a boat!" and not be that far off.

The main house has three bedrooms, three full bathrooms, two partial bathrooms, a deck that wraps around the whole house, and a path that leads to Lake Michigan. There's also a covered walkway (or underground tunnel) that leads to the 1,304-square-foot guest house.

But then there's the land. You get 314 acres (zoned for residential; you can build a resort if you're so inclined), including 1,800 feet of Lake Michigan beachfront. The property also includes frontage along the Kalamazoo River, so you can have your own marina for your boats.

This property was purchased in early 2006 for over $50,000,000. Since, an additional $5,000,000 in infrastructure has been invested into the property. The residence was custom-built for an executive that never once occupied the home. Built in 1989, it's looking for its next captain. Could it be you?