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A Clearer Idea of Bus Rapid Transit in Metro Detroit

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Can you imagine reliable, fast buses to get around the region?

A few weeks ago, we shared what Michigan Avenue could look like with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). We loved the idea that the bus was making its way to the airport and lanes were separated for bus, car, bike, and pedestrians.

Recently, the Regional Transit Authority released a video showing what BRT could look like down Michigan, Woodward to Pontiac, and Gratiot to Mt. Clemens, and a commuter rail from Detroit to Ann Arbor.

BRT is different than traditional bus lines in that there are dedicated lanes, permanent, covered stops, and speedier buses. Here's an idea of what the stop on Gratiot near Eastern Market could look like.

Voters in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, and Washtenaw Counties can expect to find this on the ballot in November. According to the Free Press, "Initial cost estimates provided by the RTA say the three-route bus rapid transit, or BRT, lines would each cost about $20 million per year to operate and $4 million to $9 million per mile to build, depending on the final design. The rail line, which would use existing infrastructure but require some upgrades, would cost $8 million to $12 million per year to operate."

Here's a map of the proposed stops.

The RTA should release a full plan by the end of May.