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Giant 6th Street Loft Drops Price to $850K

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Maybe that original $1.4 million asking price was a little ... lofty?

When we featured this monster 6,000-square-foot loft in October, our readers were as perplexed as we were over the $1.4 million asking price. The price dropped in February to $1.2 million, and now it's taken a plunge down to $850,000.

From our last post, we learned from the comments that the giant windows are both a blessing and a curse. Sure, they let in so much light and give you great views, but they make it both freezing and super hot, depending on the season. But it is a lovely space. The master suite is huge, with its own kitchenette, private Korean wetbath, living room, and office. The junior suite has its own french doors and office. It also has two parking spots and the HOA fees are $415/month.

They've also updated with much better pictures. Maybe someone will snag it at this price?