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Belle Isle Updates

Bus routes, upgrades, art fairs, and more!

Belle Isle Michelle & Chris Gerard

We've rounded up a few tidbits of information that might be of interest to you next time you visit our favorite island park.

Bus Service! DDOT is adding a route to Belle Isle. According to its website, the Conant route will stop near the Aquarium, Atrium, and Conservatory as part of the pilot program. And most trips on that route will travel to Belle Isle. These changes start April 23.

New Picnic Area: Belle Isle recently received a $300,000 natural resource state grant to update a picnic area. It will be moved to the south side of Woodside drive, along the shore of Lake Okonoka and have new picnic shelters, sidewalks, parking lot improvements, and playground equipment.

DNR Granted Upgrades: According to the Detroit News, the DNR will invest $1.25 million in repairs to the island, including repairs to the casino and White House, renovating the athletic fields and upgrading the fishing piers and some picnic shelters. The state also plans to introduce a recycling program.

Art Fair: The first Belle Isle Art Fair will happen August 6-7 around the Scott Fountain. The juried fair will show artists from around Detroit and the state.

Grand Prix: The noisiest time of the year, the Grand Prix, will take place June 3-5. Road closures will start two weeks in advance.