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Renovation Roundup: Which House Would You Choose?

From Core City to Green Acres, we found houses that need some serious attention.

We found four more houses this week that have a lot going for them, but they need a new owner to restore them to what they could be. Which one would you choose?

This 2,100-square-foot Core City house has five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a lot of renovations started. You can add whatever flooring and paint you want! The listing also promises that you can be part of the New Detroit! Hmmm...It's asking for $80,000.

We featured this big house on Virginia Park this winter and it's still sitting here, waiting for someone to go for that price. It has 2,400 square feet, five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and is asking for $119,900.

This Green Acres brick house has a gorgeous exterior and all the projects started inside. You can rip out the whole kitchen and some gross carpeting upstairs, too. It has 2,252 square feet, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and is listed for $99,000.

The front of this massive 3,600-square-foot Grandmont-Rosedale house is so great. Everything needs to be done inside, there's plenty of carpet to rip out and damage throughout to be taken care of, but this could be a pretty spectacular place when it's done. It's listed for $60,500.