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Updated Harbortown Condo Lists for $275K

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1,400 square feet, two bedrooms, big upgrades, and direct access to the RiverFront.

250 E Harbortown Jim Tumey

This 1,400-square-foot two bedroom, two bath condo has all the designer upgrades - dark hardwood floors, glass tile, stainless steel covering everything. It's on a corner unit on the 13th floor overlooking the river, it has two parking spaces, and the building has a pool, fitness center, and direct access to the RiverFront.

The history of the price is fascinating. Originally sold for $205K in 2005, then going through massive ups and downs over the next few years, it last sold for $42,900 in 2010. But the upgrades are extensive and the location is great. If the modern design is right for you, It's listed at $275,000, but don't forget to add the HOA fees into the equation - they're coming in at $565/month.