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City Approves Deal for Hudson's Site Development

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Construction plans to start next April and finish in 2020

SHoP Architects/Hamilton Anderson Associates

Earlier today, we reported that Dan Gilbert's plans for the old Hudson's site could finally move forward. And now, they are.

As reported by Crain's, the $15 million sale of the parking garage, which was holding up the whole deal, was approved by the Downtown Development Authority. Plans need to be submitted by the end of December, with construction starting in April 2017, and plans to finish in 2020.

In addition to the 250 residential units (20% which will be affordable housing), the plans include 900 parking spaces and 24 retail locations, adding a much needed boost to Detroit's retail void. Also included is a "programmed civic space," to try to strengthen the sense of community downtown that the old Hudson's had.

While we wait for clearer renderings, we can still speculate on how tall this development will be, and if it will be a big addition to the city skyline.

Hudson's Site

1208 Woodward, Detroit MI, Detroit , Michigan