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Hamtramck Roundup: 4 Houses Available Right Now

Sweet houses for sale in Hamtramck!

Today we're taking a field trip to Hamtramck, home of great Indian food and many cute houses that are up for sale.

First we're visiting this 1,000-square-foot bungalow that seems to have a fondness for blue. It has three bedrooms, one bathroom, and is listed for $69,900.

Next, we'll move along to Gallagher Street where this house could have room enough for two renters. It has an upstairs with kitchenette, and altogether this 1,800-square-foot house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It's listed for $64,999.

Holy landscaping! This third house has a beautiful front porch and back deck. At 1,600 square feet with four bedrooms and one and a half baths, this house has a good amount of room for a family. It's right in the heart of Hamtramck and it's listed for $101,000.

And finally, this 1,382-square-foot, three-bedroom home on Caniff is taking offers by tomorrow (whatever), but it also has a nice porch, a pretty stairway, and room for a giant couch. It's asking for $94,500.