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Brush Park Income Property Hits the Market for $3.3M

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Nine units plus property in a prime location

Talk about curb appeal. Built in 1885 and renovated in 2011, this property was in worse shape than Ransom-Gillis before it was redone. The roof had collapsed and the building had to be re-stabilized. Ready for a new owner at a very good time, this nine-unit property in Brush Park is listing for $3,300,000.

Aside from the beautiful exterior, location really is everything in this property. It's a block off of Woodward, close to the new arena, QLINE, stadiums, new developments, Midtown, downtown, and Eastern Market. In addition to the nine units available, according to the listing, there's an additional "two adjacent buildable parcels for multi-family or townhouse." There are two carriage houses in the back with garage spaces, and an 18 car gated lot. Sure, the units themselves are fairly unspectacular (likely due to the shape it was in before), but that curb appeal...