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Arena Update: Practice Ice Taking Shape, First Roof Truss Up

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If you're coming in for Opening Day, the area might look a little different

Michelle & Chris Gerard

With sports fans flocking into the city for Opening Day this weekend, it's time for another update on the new hockey arena. And if you're looking for a place to park, make sure to check our Parking Guide for baseball season (hint: don't try to park near the ballpark). Things will look a bit different for those who haven't visited since last season. Here's a look at what's been happening.

First, the underground practice ice is starting to come together. This ice isn't just for the Red Wings; it'll also be the home for the Little Caesars AAA Hockey Club.

Red Wings underground practice ice taking shape. Read more on our website. #districtdetroit #detroit

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And a few weeks ago, the first roof truss was raised and placed on the Woodward-facing side of the arena. And according to District Detroit, "new pieces of the roof structure are scheduled to be added every day until the arena is totally enclosed."

Raise the Roof: First roof truss went up this week. Watch the full video on our website. #districtdetroit #detroit

A video posted by The District Detroit (@districtdetroit) on

The Detroit Events Center (hockey arena) is expected to open September 2017, with restaurants, retail, and office space ready in time for the 2017 hockey season. Here are some updated numbers on the actual building of this massive project:

  • Structural steel pieces placed so far: +3,500
  • Total pieces of steel to be placed: +7,000
  • Pre-cast concrete stadia placed so far: +130
  • Pre-cast concrete stadia to be placed: +760
  • Foundation concrete poured so far: +27,000 Cubic Yards
  • Total cubic yards of foundation concrete to be poured: 46,000 Cubic Yards
  • Foundation piers drilled for Woodward and Henry Street buildings so far: 70
  • Total piers to be drilled for Woodward and Henry Street buildings: 96
  • Typical weight of a super truss structure: +/- 250,000 lbs
  • More than 300 workers are onsite daily
  • More than 95,700 hours worked so far by Detroit residents on The District Detroit construction
  • 35 apprentices onsite daily learning a new trade
  • Detroit Tigers Parking Guide 2016 [Curbed Detroit]
  • Red Wings Underground Practice Ice Taking Shape
  • Raise the Roof Fans: the First Roof Truss is Up