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Eastern Market Corporation Releases 10-Year Plan

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EMC promotes connectivity, authenticity, development equity, density, and diversity

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Citing the changing development environment in the city of Detroit, Eastern Market Corporation recently unveiled a 10-year economic framework, focused around connectivity, authenticity, development equity, density, and diversity.

The 114-page document was created after extensive public feedback and research into the changing food industry and development in Detroit.

A few highlights:

1. Connectivity is highlighted through increased ease in bike and pedestrian routes. The Link Detroit Initiative is part of that, starting with the extension of the Dequindre Cut opening at the end of the month.

2. Recognizing the rapid development in neighborhoods near the market, emphasis is placed on keeping historic buildings and reusing them, ensuring that a diverse range of entrepreneurs can continue to thrive at the market, and and supporting mixed-use, mixed-income housing.

3. Promotion of diverse, healthy food options at all price points and a variety of retail for the market's community is integral to the plan.

The section on density could be of special interest to our readers:


1. Re-codify zoning and land use controls to support denser and more diverse reuse of existing buildings and new construction.

2. Assemble, prepare and develop land and infrastructure for the modern food industry.

3. As wholesale uses leave the current Market Campus, introduce denser mixed-use projects to enhance the retail and daily use experience of the Market.

4. Identify opportunities for mixed-use commercial with resident options for live/work, affordable and market types of housing.

5. Promote Mix-of-Uses that does not adversely impact legacy food businesses

6. Develop good neighbor design standards to accommodate light industry in mixed-use settings.

7. Develop a green infrastructure program that improves water quality, creates landscape amenity and reduces stormwater impact fees.

8. Support the development of services and amenities that complement future resident needs in Brush Park and the near Eastside.

The full report can be read here.

"Detroit has changed significantly since The Great Recession and the food industry is rapidly reinventing itself, so we decided to update our 2008 strategic plan with energy, resources, and input like never before," said Dan Carmody, president of EMC. "More than 600 Detroiters participated in this process, under the coordination of the Detroit Collaborative Design Center, along with outside advice provided by two firms that helped markets in London and New York mesh better with their adjacent neighborhoods."

A public celebration of the Dequindre Cut extension will happen April 29 & 30.