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First Annual Detroit Home Expo Offers Renovation Resources for Homeowners

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Vendors, community organizations, and a job fair!

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Renovating a house? A room? Or just trying to navigate home ownership in the city?

The first annual Metro Detroit Home Expo will be Saturday, May 21 at Joe Dumars' Fieldhouse at the State Fairgrounds off 8 Mile Road. Promising to be not your father's home expo, this event will gather the local home improvement and decor industry to connect with homeowners, building owners, and investors working hard to rehab, improve, and happily dwell in the city.

Since home extends beyond your front door and into your block, your neighborhood, your city, and region, the Expo includes:

  • Small Business vendors
  • A Neighborhood Toolbox: a collection of community organizations, government agencies, and experts to connect homeowners to their neighborhoods and answer questions,
  • A Skilled Trades Job Fair: The Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC) is assembling opportunities from local employers, unions, apprenticeships, and training programs to address the growing shortage of skilled trade professionals, a huge demand for the trades, and staggering double digit unemployment in Southeast Michigan.

The Expo is sponsored by the 8 Mile Boulevard Association and Brick + Beam Detroit.

Joe Dumars' Fieldhouse

1120 W State Fair Ave, Detroit, MI 48203, USA