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For $145K, You Can Own This Single-Family Home in Rosedale Park

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Vibrant colors, great amenities, and more

In Rosedale Park, this four-bedroom single-family home just landed on the market with bells and whistles that should get any homebuyer excited. Some of the biggest highlights include the finished basement, natural fireplace, and two-car detached garage. There are also stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and a separate dining room with a ceiling centerpiece and chandelier.

One detail that some homebuyers might not be too taken by is that there are only two bathrooms. A few residents in the property may have to share a space. Homebuyers who tend to enjoy a more toned down color scheme may also not be too thrilled by the few rooms painted in vibrant hues of orange, scarlet, and fuchsia.

This listing was last sold in December 2011 for $45,000 and is now back on the market for $145,900. Be sure to give the listing a closer look below and let Curbed know what you think.

18470 Lancashire Street [Redfin]