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Dan Gilbert Buys Grinnell and Sanders Buildings

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Another day, another building

Bedrock bought two more buildings this week - the Grinnell Building and the Sanders Building next door. The buildings are at 1515-1529 Woodward, and the Grinnell Building is the current space for the Henry Ford Health Clinic.

It's not disclosed how much Bedrock paid for them.

The buildings' upper floors will likely get renovated for office lofts, while the bottom floors will hold retail. It's unclear how long the health clinic will stay.

dBusiness first reported the news, saying that this is part of a bigger plan for retail along the Woodward corridor. These buildings are just down the street from the Hudson's site, which will be developed starting next year.

Both buildings were designed by Albert Kahn. The Grinnell Building was built in 1908 by the Grinnell brothers as a giant music store. The Sanders Building was opened in 1912 as the Fisher Arcade, and by mid-century it had chocolate and sweets from the Sanders Miller Corp., and most recently Bail Bonds.

And in case you missed it earlier this week, Gilbert & co. may build a major development at the old Brewster-Douglass site, too.