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The Forest Arms Now at Full Occupancy

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Tenants to start moving in late May

Matt Cain

Last month, we updated you on the spectacular progress of the Forest Arms, which has been renovated after a 2008 fire and numerous setbacks. We can now report that the Forest Arms is at full occupancy and tenants will likely start moving in May 28.

The team is working on finishing floors 1-3 right now, plus the landscaping. The ground units and penthouse should be ready by mid-June.

The building has 70 units total and some commercial space, one of which will be used by Third Wave Music. Some improvements to the building include green measures like solar panels for hot water, Geo-thermal heating, underground rain water collection tank for toilet flushing, laundry on every floor, on site dry cleaning, on-call maid service, and a 24-hour concierge.

Here's a look at when we visited mid-renovation. [Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard]

And a few of the apartments as they are now ...

Matt Cain
Matt Cain
Matt Cain