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Tell Your Detroit Neighborhood Story in a New Book

What do you have to say about your neighborhood?

Russell Woods Michelle & Chris Gerard

Are a you a Detroiter who knows everything about your neighborhood? Or do you love listening to stories about your grandparents growing up here and how it's changed through the years? A new book will give people the opportunity to publish them.

Belt Publishing and Detroit author Aaron Foley are compiling stories for an upcoming Detroit Neighborhood Guidebook.

Foley says, "Basically, what I'm looking to curate is a collection of voices that we don't always hear from. Sure, we could get submissions from all the writers living downtown, but we need voices, from all ages, backgrounds, experiences, too -- Delray, Morningside, Brightmoor, Palmer Woods, Fitzgerald, Old Redford, Jefferson-Chalmers. Hamtramck, and Highland Park, too! The whole city, and all the people that live here."

He realizes that there are so many different neighborhoods, and some may overlap a bit. That's OK.

According to the Call for Submissions, they're looking for any kind of creative way to tell your story: poetry, non-fiction, essays, short fiction, photography, and art. People can submit multiple works. They'll select up to 25 for the book.

Foley recently told us about his old neighborhood Russell Woods in our People's Guide (and if you'd like to use that platform, we're happy to consider it!).

The deadline for submissions is July 15. Full guidelines for submissions can be found here.