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Neighboring Brush Park Lofts Ask $300 Per Square Foot Each

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How high will prices rise in Brush Park?

Brush Park is certainly one of the most interesting neighborhoods in terms of real estate right now, with new construction underway, more construction in its future, old beautiful mansions, abandoned properties, and townhouses. It's also right next to downtown, Eastern Market, and the new Red Wings arena. Listing prices are climbing, and these two units in the Carlton Lofts are no exception. Coming in at over $300/square foot, these lofts are listed at $199,000 and $252,000.

Both units have heated concrete floors, a gated secure parking lot, the tiniest balcony, and $260/month in HOA fees.

The first is a 659-square-foot studio asking for $199,000.

The second, right next door, is a 870-square-foot one-bedroom listed for $252,000.

So, how high will we see prices go per square foot in Brush Park? Any guesses?