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Woodward Throwbacks Opens Flagship Store

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The business sells woods and goods just west of Corktown

Woodward Throwbacks Michelle & Chris Gerard

Down Michigan Avenue past the train station and over 96, Woodward Throwbacks has opened up their flagship store in a building that had been empty for years. With the help of a $40,000 Motor City Match grant, co-founders Bo Shepherd and Kyle Dubay are now open for business west of Corktown.

The company, which has sold extensively online, in other stores and boutiques, and through Eastern Market, manufactures barware and home goods from reclaimed wood, salvaged from the city of Detroit. The flagship store, located at 3511 Michigan Avenue, also carries other American made products from small businesses across the country.

The store is located in the former Hi-Grade Restaurant building. The building, which had been abandoned for 10 years, had been stripped of mostly everything of value. The renovations were extensive and included repairs to the roof, structural and foundational damage, and a complete re-install of all utilities, etc.

Courtesy of Bo Shepherd
Courtesy of Bo Shepherd

"When purchasing the building, the extent of the renovations needed didn’t hit us until we started construction. All of a sudden reality kicked in. We still can’t believe how much we were able to accomplish." Bo Shepherd, Co-Founder of Woodward Throwbacks.

The store joins other businesses like Hygrade Deli and Mike's Famous Ham Place in the area, and they hope to see more activity pick up on that end of Michigan Avenue soon. They're currently open by appointment during the week, and 11-5 on Saturdays. Here's a look inside.