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Lovely Mies van der Rohe Townhouse Lists for $350K

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1,400 square feet, three bedrooms, close to everything

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Another Mies has hit the market, and while we've seen some this year that are near perfect, and others that need a little work, this one comes in right in the middle. The asking price, however, is going up to $349,900.

This unit is 1,400 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The kitchen seems a little outdated on this one. But like all the other units, it has tons of light in all the rooms from the big floor to ceiling windows. The HOA fees run $740/month, and include master mortgage, property taxes, and building/grounds maintenance and improvements. They also include security, water, cable and internet, window washing, co-op insurance, management company fees, audit fees, snow removal, trash pick-up, and recycling. The Mies units are very close to both downtown and Eastern Market. All your Mies living questions can be answered at Mies Detroit. Showings will start this Friday. Here's a look inside.