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What $200,000 Buys in Detroit Right Now

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5 move-in ready homes from around the city

There's a lot on the market right now, and there's quite a few properties for sale under $200,000. From the University District to the Riverfront, we found five listings worth seeing. And don't blame us for the pictures; we're just the messenger.

On Oakman Boulevard, this four bedroom, three bath, 2,500-square-foot home is listed for $184,000. It has nice landscaping, some original features, some updates that are debatable, hardwood downstairs and carpet upstairs. It's move-in ready.

You don't need to spend the Mies van der Rohe dollars to create a mid-century modern home. This Hyde Park townhouse has four bedrooms, two and a half baths, and plenty of room for your own style. It's listed for $150,000.

On the Riverfront, there's a renovated three bedroom, two bath condo listed for $195,000. Yes, we may have listed this one a few weeks ago, but it's still pretty nice. And you get a sauna!

This four-bedroom, three and a half bath in the University District could stand to use some updating, but it's listed for $150,500. It has 2,600 square feet, central air, a garage, and you can enjoy the satisfaction of ripping up carpet to reveal hardwood floors.

This four-bedroom, 2,500-square-foot house in Rosedale Park is really quite lovely on the outside. We don't have a lot of pictures to show you, but it does have a nice kitchen and a garage. It's listed for $175,000.