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A Community of Tiny Homes Could Help Detroit's Homeless

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This could be a game changer

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Cass Community Social Services has developed a creative plan to help the city's homeless: build a community of tiny homes. It's certainly not the first tiny house community to help the homeless. Curbed Austin featured a story about their community earlier this week. But this program addresses a few key issues in Detroit.

The group owns two blocks of land north of its campus at Woodrow Wilson and Elmhurst. The plan is to build between 20-25 tiny homes, 300-400 square feet each.

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People in need would rent these homes until they can earn the property (explained in the video below).

This development would address three critical issues:

  • Turning the homeless into homeowners
  • Bringing density to an area that has vacant lots and abandoned houses
  • Creating inexpensive, green-friendly housing in the community.


"Finally, residents in the Tiny Homes will be able to access most of the other services available at CCSS - educational, recreational, nutritional, medical, mental health programs and as well as social activities. Everything will be within a few blocks (a short distance for a pedestrian or a cyclist). This will be a monumental improvement for people who don't have transportation."

The group has started a fundraising campaign for the project, which discusses these ideas in greater detail.

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11745 Rosa Parks Boulevard

11745 Rosa Parks Blvd, Detroit, MI 48206, USA