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Own the Landmark Dairy Building from ​8 Mile​ for $79K

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"This opportunity comes once in a lifetime"

In odd Detroit real estate news, you can now buy the Wilson's Dairy Building with a giant cow head for a cool $79,000. (We've updated to reflect the new price. Earlier this year, it was going for $89,000.)

The building, located at Lenox and Mack, was an ice cream parlor and it was featured in 8 Mile! According to "A Tale of Two Cow Heads,"

"The cow head had its fifteen minutes of fame when it appeared in the 2002 Eminem film 8 Mile. The film’s producers pried the plywood off the long abandoned ice cream store’s windows and gave both the building and the cow a fresh coat of paint. In the film, Eminem’s character and his posse drive in front of the building and shoot the giant cow between the eyes with a pink paintball. The owner of the building at the time didn’t want his cow defaced, so the paintball splat was created with computer graphics."

The area surrounding it has certainly seen better days and the building has been closed for 30 years. It's 900 square feet and may be available for Motor City Match funds. Really, the possibilities are endless (maybe not endless). But it's your chance to own some Detroit and 8 Mile history!