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Michigan Avenue Storefront Almost Ready for New Tenants

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Set up shop in this fuchsia building!

Today we're visiting an old familiar friend in Corktown - the lovely fuchsia storefront on the corner of Michigan and Vermont. Last summer we learned that renovations have started, and if you've driven past lately, you'll notice that they there's a lot going on there right now.

We've learned that developer Scot Turnbull, who's also working on the building that houses Thomas Magee's in Eastern Market and also redeveloped the Pasadena Apartments, is also working on this building. This location will have two retail store fronts and two residential spaces on the second floor. The townhomes behind the building on Vermont Street are also being renovated. All of the properties should be available by June 2016.

Here's a look inside.

What can you see going into the retail spaces? More restaurants? A bar? Specialty retail?