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Exceptional Midtown Condo Lists for $460K

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Big price but so pretty!

Some of the lofts and condos we post here are nice, but don't quite stand out. This one is different. And it's not like any one room stands out, but together it works. From the outside, the Second Avenue Terraces almost look castle-like, but inside they look like a home. This one, which has had the same owner for years, is listing for $459,900.

Built in 1895, this unit has 1,860 square feet, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a finished basement, and a spacious kitchen. The guest bedroom has a convenient Murphy bed. It also has fun features like sliding barn doors and a claw foot tub. You'll also see exposed brick, but not too much, throughout the home, including the kitchen and master bedroom. The only detail we'd knock is the carpeting in the bedroom. The backyard is a park-like setting and the parking is off a side street in a gated area. HOA fees run $225/month. If you want to be close to restaurants and shops, you can't beat the location. At $247/square foot, it's still not as high as Brush Park prices right now. Have a look inside.