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Detroit Denim Expands Into Rivertown Warehouse

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The local company moves out of Ponyride and into their own space

Detroit Denim Michelle & Chris Gerard

After working out of Ponyride for years, Detroit Denim has found a new home in the Rivertown Warehouse District.

Founder Eric Yelsma tells us he looked for about a year and a half to find the right space for their operations, which includes retail, fitting, and making quality denim jeans. They started out in a space in Ponyride that was about 500 square feet, then moved up to 1,200 square feet. The warehouse in the Rivertown Warehouse District is 4,300 square feet, which gives the staff room to spread out.

Detroit Denim Michelle & Chris Gerard

Yelsma said they looked at several spots before deciding on the warehouse, but good locations are difficult in this market, and they were beat out by another tenant every time. This building is occupied by the landlord, and they could see progress being made every time they visited. It was once an electric transformer factory, and they're happy they can continue the factory history here.

The jeans they make are meant to last years, which is shown in the price ($250 a pair). They do custom fittings and repairs for their customers and take great pride in their work. Detroit Denim uses US-sourced materials in their products. They also offer a few other goods in their shop.

Detroit Denim Michelle & Chris Gerard

They're excited about the new possibilities near the Riverfront. They'll be open about 10-6 most days. Here's a look inside.