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New Details on The Platform's Investment near Brightmoor

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Five properties at Grand River and Lahser

Earlier this week, we told you that developer Peter Cummings is creating a new development group, called the Platform, that plans on building 1,000 apartments in the TechTown/New Center area near the M-1 rail. The group is also investing in Islandview, the University District, and Brightmoor. Now we have a few more details.

According to Kirk Pinho of Crain's, Cummings and his group bought five properties along Grand River and Lahser Road, near the Redford Theatre and Sweet Potato Sensations. (We'll add it to the map!) Crain's also reports that he purchased the five properties for about $79,100. No word yet on what they plan to do with them.

The area has seen better days. It's incredibly blighted and largely ignored by those looking to invest in Detroit. It does have a strong urban farming network, art scene, new community kitchen, and community organization. The biggest development it's seen recently is the addition of an Old Redford Meijer a few blocks away.