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Penske Tech Center, Home of the M-1 Rail, Opens

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The QLINE is right on schedule!

M-1 Rail

Check off another piece to the M-1 (QLINE) Rail timeline. The Penske Tech Center is now open.

Located on 7520 Woodward Ave., the press release states that the building will house the M-1 Rail administrative staff and function as the maintenance and operations center for the QLINE streetcar vehicles.

Roger Penske talked about all the changes in the area. "A decade ago as we prepared for Super Bowl, we were boarding up buildings in this area," said Penske. "Today Woodward Avenue is becoming one of the most successful and vibrant corridors in our state and much of that has to do with this project."

The Penske Tech Center was designed and constructed by Detroit-based Turner Construction after a thorough community feedback and involvement process to ensure the facility fit the character of the neighborhood.

The Penske Center will be the nation's first vehicle storage and maintenance facility to operate completely off-wire. The first modern streetcar from the QLINE is expected to be delivered to the Penske Tech Center in late 2016 when testing and safety certification will begin.

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