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This Week in Bizarre and/or Terrible Listing Photography

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Turn your TVs off!

Over here at Curbed, we sift through a lot of listings every week. There are a few great places we'd love to feature on our site, but alas, the pictures are downright terrible. I think most people interested in real estate would agree - if you're listing a house for a half million dollars, do yourself a favor and hire a photographer. We'll now step off our soapbox and share with you some of the stranger photos we've seen lately in the Detroit real estate market.

And if you're searching for that perfect home and you come across one of your own, send it to us!

"Don't mind us. I'm sure this is riveting TV." (Which is too bad since it's a pretty good house)

Listen, if you're going to feature a picture of something as great as this panther, it better be included with the house.

Y'all don't know how many requests we've had to feature this property, which is a truly bizarre listing. This isn't even the worst picture in the bunch, but it has the unmade bed, TV screen, and um, drapes?

It's Midtown and everyone wants to be here, so a blurry kitchen won't matter, right?

This is the loneliest looking chair we've ever seen.

That's all for this week. If you see more, send us the listing and we'll consider it. Do better, Detroit.