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Become a Landlord in West Village for $275K

Close to Sister Pie? Sold!

We've noticed quite a few income properties hit the market around town lately, so we'll feature a few standouts this week. This one got our attention because the first photo in the listing is of Sister Pie (and really, they have great cookies and pies. You can walk there from here. It's a serious selling point). This one is a two unit, 3,266-square-foot house and it's listing for $275,000.

Of course, last fall it sold for $160,000. Is the West Village so great the the prices are rising at these kinds of levels? Just ask this WV income property that's been on the market forever (or 251 days. Forever in real estate) and is listed at $255,000.

But back to the new one. It's located a few houses up from Jefferson. It has a backyard, pretty light and airy interior, and spacious kitchens. We've also featured it on Curbed Comparisons before. And like we've said, lots of people want to live in West Village, with its cute shops, restaurants, and proximity to Belle Isle.