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Detroit City FC Prepares Keyworth Stadium for New Season

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The community rallies to get the historic stadium ready for the May 20th home opener

Keyworth Stadium Michelle & Chris Gerard

80 years after Keyworth Stadium in Hamtramck was built, Detroit City FC, after reaching the funding milestone to make it their new home, is hard at work making necessary improvements for the new season. Their home opener is Friday, May 20.

The location is a great fit for the team. On a recent visit to the stadium, volunteers worked on getting the stands ready while neighborhood kids played soccer on the field. Co-owner Todd Kropp says they see many kids playing out there every day after school.

When we visited, volunteers were replacing the old stands and sweeping up an awful lot of dust and debris in the stands. Before the season starts, they'll paint the stands maroon (also one of the colors of the school). In time, they'll work on fixing up the locker rooms underneath, replace the set of stands on the other side of the field, and fix the lighting. They'll have another volunteer day Sunday, May 15 (the community is welcome to join).

Keyworth Stadium Michelle & Chris Gerard
Keyworth Stadium Michelle & Chris Gerard

They've also set up a retail space 2750 Yemans Street in Hamtramck, open Wed - Saturday 11a - 7p / Sundays 12-5p.

"We plan to use the space to introduce ourselves to the Hamtramck community. We're looking forward to people stopping by to learn more about the team," Kropp said. "We'll show video footage from past DCFC games so those who haven't yet attended a match can get a feel for our game day atmosphere."

Keyworth Stadium was opened in 1936. Two presidents have spoken there! JFK during his 1960 election bid and FDR during the opening.

"...We have been thinking about some of the things that the country needs in addition to bare food and lodging. That is why a great stadium of this kind has been built. This stadium is one of the things that will last for many years and contribute toward the enjoyment and recreation, not only of us older people but of the younger generation as well.

"Some people in this country have called it 'boondoggling' for us to build stadiums and parks and forests and to improve the recreational facilities of the Nation. My friends, if this stadium can be called boondoggling, then I am for boondoggling, and so are you..."

Franklin D Roosevelt at Keyworth Stadium opening, Oct 15, 1936

Detroit City FC's home opener at Keyworth is May 20 v. AFC Ann Arbor. They'll face FC United Of Manchester in a friendly match May 28.