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Write A House Hands Keys to Third Winner; Announces Fourth Winner

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They keep giving away houses to writers!

Write A House 3 After Michelle & Chris Gerard

Write A House, the program that awards homes to writers, handed over the keys for their third house while announcing the recipient of the fourth house.

The third winner is Anne Elizabeth Moore, a writer, artist, editor, and cultural critic from Chicago. Her home was purchased from the Detroit Land Bank for $5,000 and gut-renovated over the last six months.

At the press conference, Councilman Scott Benson handed over the keys and presented a Spirit of Detroit award to Moore.

Michelle & Chris Gerard
Michelle & Chris Gerard

Here's a before/after of the living room, plus a full gallery of the renovations.

Write A House Director (and founding editor of Curbed Detroit) Sarah Cox says about the program,

"It's funny now to travel to other cities and say you are from Detroit. A surprising amount of times total strangers will say "Oh are they really giving writers free houses there? I read about that." They may not remember the name Write A House or the history of it, but we're now "that city with free houses for writers" and I never thought we'd have that impact on the narrative of an entire city. "

The fourth recipient, poet and Detroit native Nandi Comer, was also announced at the event. Her home will begin renovations at the end of this month and be ready for move-in in the fall.

Anyone can help this project by donating to Write A House, a 501c3 nonprofit, on the website through INDIEGOGO.