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Curbed Comparisons: Detroit Renovated Properties Edition

We looked all over the city for renovated rentals for you!

Michelle & Chris Gerard


It's Renovation Week here on Curbed and we're interrupting our normal Curbed Comparisons to bring you a Renovation theme! All of these properties from around the city have been recently renovated. Which would you choose?

First up, we have this lovely two bedroom, one bath 900-square-foot apartment in Indian Village. It allows cats (no dogs), has one gated parking space, and it's super close to the river. It'll cost you $1,250/month.

At Garden Court, you can get a one bedroom, one bath 900-square-foot unit for $1,250/month. It's a 1917 Albert Kahn building that was recently renovated, but with carpet? You do get access to a sweet rooftop patio near the river.

Part of the Houze Living family, Regis Houze also has available apartments. You can get a one bedroom, one bath 600-square-foot apartment on the 6th floor for $1,050 per month. This building also has Rocket Fiber wireless and is close to the M-1 Rail.

The Strathmore is getting ready to open again! We don't have pictures inside yet, but there are a variety of plans available anywhere from $950-1,400 right in Midtown.

MIchelle & Chris Gerard

This three bedroom, one bath, 1,200-square-foot renovated home is near Martin Park, UDM, and the golf course. It has a two car garage, a fenced yard, and will run you $1,000/month.