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Sneak Peek at the Corktown Historical Home and Garden Tour

Business! Residential! Churches!

Corktown Tour Michelle & Chris Gerard

Detroit's oldest neighborhood will open its doors to the public this Sunday from 12-5. This year's Corktown Historical Home and Garden Tour not only features many unique homes, but also two churches and a few new businesses.

Tour organizer Blake Almstead says what makes this tour different is the mixture of residential, churches, and businesses in the neighborhood. "We're working to blend them to showcase our history and how it's only growing," he says.

The Detroit Experience Factory will also provide tours on the shuttles. Guests can either walk or shuttle.

The businesses featured include the new Trumbull & Porter Hotel, Batch Brewing Company, and the Sugar House.

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Guests will also get to see the newly renovated Bagley-Trumbull Market, which will house a few new businesses. The building has served as a grocer for most of its existence, starting in at least 1877. The building was sold in 2005, and in 2012, Brian Mulloy purchased the building and renovated it between 2015-2016, restoring the facade to its historical appearance. (More on this building soon)

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Two churches are open on the tour: Most Holy Trinity Church and St. Peter's Episcopal Church.

The homes featured on the tour include standard single family homes, rowhouses, and one that's very much a work in progress.

Tickets will be available for $15 at the Gaelic League at 2086 Michigan Ave. Ticket Sales start at 11am and last until they run out.