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Please Restore this 116-Year-Old Home, Which Can Be Yours for $60K

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That turret!

Everyone loves a good renovation, especially here in Detroit (Comeback City, ya'll!). This renovation could be so great, but it's going to take a special person and/or team to do it. It's 2,446 square feet, built in 1900 just north of the Boston Edison neighborhood, and is listing for $60,000.

Located on Burlingame, a block off of Woodward, it's not trendy enough to get the attention something along the M-1 rail line would get. It may look rough on the outside, and really, really rough on the inside, but we think some magic could be done here. Imagine finishing the walls, windows, and floors of that turret and making it your own. It also has five bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, a lovely staircase, (we're assuming) a pretty creepy basement, and a little landscaping to do in the yard. We're not sure if the cars pictured are included. Who's up for the challenge?