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Modest Indian Village Home Lists for $318.5K

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Lovely brick house built in 1927

Must be selling season in Indian Village. We’ve seen quite a few homes in the historic neighborhood lately varying in size, upkeep, and price. This 2,500-square-foot, three bedroom, five bath home is modest in terms of Indian Village homes, and is coming in with a listing price of $318,500.

It does have a nice grand (but carpeted) staircase, living room with fireplace, and solarium. The rooms seem not-too-big, not-too-small, except the kitchen, which is cozy (likely too cozy), but looks to have an ample-sized pantry/storage area. The basement is finished and includes another kitchen. There is carpeting on the staircase and throughout the upstairs. The master suite includes its own dressing area. The backyard has plenty of room to play, plus a small porch, balcony, and a garage. There are likely upgrades throughout that the new owners would want to make, but it’s a pretty reasonable price in this neighborhood right now.