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Dan Gilbert’s Brush Park Development Adds Modern Design to Historic Neighborhood

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You’re getting a few neighbors, Ransom Gillis

Hamilton Anderson Associates

Recently, John Gallagher from the Free Press reported on the Brush Park development that Dan Gilbert and Brush Park Development Partners LLC has had in the works for a while. Here are the major highlights:

  • The design teams decided to use a variety of buildings, heights, and materials. It won’t be the same building repeated on 8.4 acres.
  • The project has a lot of green space - alleys, terraces, and walkways - for the community to use.
  • There will be about 300 rental units and 100 for-sale units.
  • Their price point will be a little higher, but will include senior housing options (see below)
  • Initial estimates were $70 million. Nope. Can’t imagine that anymore.
  • Ransom Gillis was the first of the four historic homes to be renovated. There will be three more at some point.
  • Next year for a finish date? That’s ambitious!

Let’s discuss these renderings, shall we?

At the corner of Edmund Place & John R
Hamilton Anderson Associates

Step down! This massive grey apartment building, designed by LOHA of Los Angeles, starts with six stories and steps down to three. They’re calling the apartments "the flats," FYI.

Hey neighbors!
Hamilton Anderson Associates

More flats in the neighborhood! This one is right across from Ransom-Gillis! It was also designed by LOHA, and features lots of the rooftop decks that will be part of many of the buildings here.

Hamilton Anderson Associates

This design is popular in many bigger cities. Hey, ground floor retail! It’s also designed by LOHA.

Hamilton Anderson Associates

More flats!

Corner of John R and Alfred
Hamilton Anderson Associates

This one's for the seniors and is located a little closer to the QLINE. This whole development is meant for a lifetime of living, wish smaller places for those just starting out, to bigger townhouses, to these senior apartments.

Hamilton Anderson Associates

These flats were designed by Hamilton Anderson Associates of Detroit and feature many of the green amenities that will be incorporated throughout the development.

Hamilton Anderson Associates

Merge Architects of Boston designed these two-story carriage houses with terraces and a green alley that links them.

Views! (if you turn around)
Hamilton Anderson Associates

These are big ideas that will forever change this neighborhood, which is currently a mix of empty land, expensive lofts, gorgeous old homes, townhouses, and abandoned homes. If you can imagine this development, with The Scott at Brush Park nearby, and across Woodward, the new District Detroit, this will be a completely different area in just a few short years.